Proaim Alphabet 21ft Jib Crane with 100mm CST-100 Stand

Proaim introduces its new Alphabet 21ft Jib Crane with 100mm CST-100 stand, fully loaded with features like fastest tool-less setup capability, high-strength build and enhanced stability. Considering the need of film productions, this travel friendly camera jib crane with unbeatable high-end quality and technicalities offers promising performance and reliability. Either wedding shoot or any indoor sports event it allows every videographer to expand his shooting range. Take a deeper look at Proaim Alphabet 21ft video Jib Crane with 100mm CST-100 stand, and you’ll find innovation on every level.


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Camera plate for Quick Remote Head Connectivity

Complete CNC constructed robust camera plate can be fixed in any position whether upright or upside down for quick pan tilt connectivity.



Stress Cables for Better Stability

The high strength stainless steel stress cables keep the crane setup completely rigid & straight providing an extra measure of stability and balance to the camera jib crane.



Fork Allows Smooth Movements

The Fork provides a wide degree of panning and tilting and has a solid build which enables nice smooth shots. The disc lock on tilting axis enables the operator to move the crane on one axis when required or take completely static shots.




Manual Control over Camera Tilt

You can manually control the camera tilts using the controlling bar, when the camera is directly attached without remote head. Moreover, this controlling bar leads to jerk free tilts.




Tripod Stand with Spreader


The camera boom fits precisely on the stand. The stand is made of solid aluminium that makes it sturdy enough to support the boom when it’s fully loaded and weighed.
The Rubber spreader ensures stability to the tripod. It allows the tripod legs to be at equal distance relative to each other.


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Quickly Convertible Design


Compatible with Ronin Gimbal

With the help of this adapter, you can also mount DJI Ronin M/MX Gimbals, to add more variety to your shots.


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Ultra-light jib when combined with a dolly delivers tremendous results

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Proaim Alphabet 21ft Jib Crane with 100mm CST-100 Stand