7Artisans M50mm F1.1 Full Frame Lens For Leica M

7artisans 七工匠 M 50mm F1.1 For Leica M 鏡頭 


The 7Artisans M50mm F1.1 lens has an optical system consisting of 7 elements in 6 groups and is based on the Sonnar formula. It includes two high refraction optical elements of index 1.9 to improve picture quality and lens portability. Our R&D process involved analysis of field curvature and image astigmatism influence on the image’s out of focus areas. Numerous corrections and improvements were made resulting in a higher quality image. Using the lens wide open at an aperture of F/1.1 delivers soft and pleasant bokeh. Stopped down to F1.4, sharpness is improved while keeping smooth out-of-focus areas. Repetitive corrections of spherical and chromatic aberration lead to precisely controlled bokeh shape, and good contrast and sharpness in the focus area of this large aperture lens.



7Artisans M50mm F1.1 Full Frame Lens




7Artisans M50mm F1.1 Full Frame Lens For Leica M