SWIT S-4990 Wireless HD Panel Receiver


Panel Antenna with Build-in Wireless Receiver

14dBi high Gain Panel Receiver

S-4990 is a WHDI wireless receiver with high Gain panel antenna for Broadcast/Film application. The panel receiver works with SWIT S-4904 / S-4914 transmitters, and will extend wireless transmission distance to 1000 meters. With the panel receiver, the video transmission will get more stable and reliable. The panel receiver is easy to set up and robust for field using.


The Compatible Transmitters


S-4990 Panel Receiver can work with the Transmitters in S-4904 / S-4914 wireless system.
If you have S-4904 / S-4914 wireless system before, you can purchase only S-4990 panel receiver to match with the transmitters;
If you need the entire transmitter + panel receiver kit, please check: S-4904P or S-4914P

Frequency Switching

S-4990 panel receiver works under 5.1GHz-5.9GHz frequency, and support 0-9 band points settings, to match with transmitter band points.
5-LED RSSI indicates the receiving signal strength.



Standard Package


The individual S-4990 Panel Receiver package includes:
1x Panel Receiver S-4990
1x VESA bracket for lighting tripod 
1x D-tap to 4-pin LEMO DC cable 
1x Battery plate with crab (V-mount / Gold mount option)
1x Carrying case (for everything, as well as original transmitter)


SWIT S-4990 Wireless HD Panel Receiver