TERADEK VidiU Pro 無線訊號發射系統 YouTube 網路串流直播解決方案 4G WiFi YouTube 即時串流 實況直播串流 SD卡 側錄


What can VidiU Pro do?

  • Go live on any RTMP platform or several at the same time.
  • iOS app for rapid setup and real-time monitoring.
  • Remotely configure VidiU Pro or stream over multiple network connections with Sharelink.
  • Add graphics, a scoreboard, and more to your stream.

The free VidiU app for iOS allows you to add a scoreboard or simple graphics on top of your live stream without interrupting the production. The app can also be used quick configuration and for monitoring your broadcast in real-time.

Unlock More Features with Sharelink

Sharelink is an optional subscription service that expands the capabilities of VidiU Pro

  • Network Bonding

    Streaming from locations with poor connectivity is a nightmare, but not anymore. Sharelink is a service for VidiU Pro that allows you to combine bandwidth from Ethernet, WiFi, and several iPhone LTE connections to create a single robust uplink for higher quality, more reliable broadcasts from any location.
  • Multi-platform Delivery

    Stream to multiple destinations at one time to get your content in front of viewers on every major platform. Sharelink allows you to publish your stream on up to 5 destinations at one time, including 5 different Facebook pages if you like.
  • Remote Management

    Remotely manage and configure VidiU Pro from anywhere in the world. If you loan or rent your VidiU Pro, Sharelink’s management suite allows you to help your clients or team get up and running in no time.

Take your Live Stream To the Next Level

Transform your live stream into a polished broadcast with the Live:Air Action iOS video production suite for iPhones and iPads.

If you're looking to add graphics, roll pre-recorded footage, bring in additional video feeds, and turn your live stream into a professional looking production, then Live:Air Action is your answer. The Live:Air Action app for iOS is a powerful video switching and studio application that allows you to bring in video sources connected to VidiU Pro as wireless feeds.

  • Use your VidiU Pro as a wireless video feed for the Live:Air Action video switcher.
  • Add graphics, overlays, text, and more to your stream.
  • Switch between live and pre-recorded videos.
  • Add additional wireless feeds with Teradek encoders or iOS devices using the Live:Air Remote app
  • Stream to any online video platform, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and others.
TERADEK VidiU Pro 無線訊號發射系統 YouTube 網路串流直播解決方案 4G WiFi YouTube 即時串流 實況直播串流 SD卡 側錄